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Else Nutrition Inks Groundbreaking Deal to Slash Manufacturing Costs and Boost Production Capacity

Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. (TSX: BABY, OTCQX: BABYF, FSE: 0YL), known as Else, has announced a significant agreement with a leading US-based powder manufacturer. The landmark deal is projected to cut the company’s manufacturing costs by 50% while securing crucial powder production capacity to meet the increasing demand for its toddler and kids’ nutritional powder products through at least the end of 2025.

The production facility utilizes an innovative, low-heat manufacturing process aimed at preserving nutrient content and enhancing the solubility and texture of Else’s powder products.

Hamutal Yitzhak, Co-founder & CEO of Else Nutrition, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative impact of the agreement, highlighting the substantial reduction in cost of goods sold (COGS) and improved margins. Yitzhak emphasized the agreement’s role in ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted powder supply, vital for supporting the company’s anticipated growth in online sales and expanding retail network across the US and Canada.

Yitzhak further explained the benefits of the new manufacturing process, stating that traditional methods often compromise product integrity through high-heat, high-energy processes. In contrast, the low-heat method employed by the new facility not only retains essential nutrients but also enhances solubility and texture, setting a new standard for innovation in plant powder-based nutritional products.

The strategic move aligns with Else Nutrition’s commitment to offering high-quality, innovative products in the plant-based nutritional market. Yitzhak concluded by expressing confidence that the agreement positions Else as a leader in the field, emphasizing the company’s dedication to providing the best available products in the market.


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