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Cargill and ENOUGH Forge Alliance for Sustainable Protein Revolution

Global food giant Cargill and innovative food tech leader ENOUGH are expanding their strategic partnership to deliver groundbreaking, sustainable protein options to consumers. In a significant move, Cargill is investing in ENOUGH’s latest growth funding campaign (Series C) and has entered into a commercial agreement to utilize and market ENOUGH’s fermented protein.

ENOUGH specializes in producing sustainable fermented protein, particularly its signature ABUNDA® mycoprotein, using cutting-edge technology. This mycoprotein is cultivated by feeding fungi with sugars sourced sustainably from grains, undergoing a natural fermentation process akin to beer, wine, or yogurt production. ABUNDA mycoprotein is a complete food ingredient, rich in essential amino acids and dietary fiber, and is produced through a zero-waste fermentation process, with Cargill’s glucose syrup as a primary source.

Belgin Kose, Managing Director of Cargill Meat and Dairy Alternatives, highlighted the urgency of growing protein sustainably to meet global population demands. She emphasized the disruptive potential of mycoprotein due to its meat-like texture, nutritional profile, scalability, and sustainability. The collaboration with ENOUGH aligns with Cargill’s commitment to providing diverse protein source options responsibly.

Cargill and ENOUGH already share a multi-faceted partnership, with ENOUGH’s production facility co-located alongside a Cargill facility in Sas van Gent, The Netherlands. The expanded collaboration will see Cargill leveraging its broad portfolio of plant-based proteins, texturizers, and fats to co-create tasty and nutritious protein alternatives containing ABUNDA mycoprotein. ENOUGH, in turn, will benefit from Cargill’s global footprint and feedstock technology expertise for accelerated scaling in Europe and beyond.

Jim Laird, CEO of ENOUGH, emphasized the efficiency gained through collaboration in the alternative protein market, citing it as a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. He expressed excitement about the expanded partnership with Cargill, foreseeing accelerated progress in this transformative space.

As ENOUGH aims to grow over one million tons of ABUNDA cumulatively by 2033, Cargill’s role as a food solutions leader and its position within the food supply chain make it an ideal partner to facilitate scaling up new technologies in the alternative protein sector.

The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to nourishing the world in a safe, responsible, and sustainable manner, aligning with the evolving demands of consumers seeking innovative and eco-friendly protein solutions.


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