In February of last year, the Chinese market was opened for Chilean nectarines. The opening of the Asian giant meant an important change for local exporters in terms of distribution, due to that destination's great purchase potential. At that time it was difficult to anticipate how serious the impact would be in the 2017-2018 season. However, exporters are already noticing the consequences.. .     Consumers have become more demanding of quality standards and the way the food they eat is produced, so they prefer to buy products that have organic seals. This is why more and more Honduran farmers are cultivating organic products, a market that is growing internationally..  .     In  Nominated for an innovation award at last year's Fruit Logisitica 2017 in Berlin, and featured in the spotlight for Fruit Logistica 2018, SoFruPak is positive about the future of their cardboard packaging solutions
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