Government is taking measures to tap chilly exports potential of 90,000 tonnes a year, which can help the country earn $47 million in foreign exchange. .      The hybrid coarse varieties, sown in April in the central Punjab area, have gained an almost 50% price increase from Rs600 to Rs900 per 40kg in the month of September. .     In  order to achieve zero hunger targets in the country, Ministry for National Food Security and Research, stated that draft of National Food Security Policy had been finalized. .     As many as 185 companies have been incorporated from Sept 15, 2015 to Sept 27, 2016i.n corporate farming. Most of them are in seed, fish farming, poultry, livestock and feed. .     Using Biopac modified atmosphere plastic (Map) Liners and a new carton box from Orora, For the first time Queensland broccoli producers have been able to export Australian broccoli to Dubai without ice. .     China working on the development of agricultural drones. These can keep an eye on the crops, and they can make sure they are sprayed in time. .     Fresh-cut, ready-to-eat bananas could soon be available on supermarket shelves with ground-breaking, shelf-life extension treatment developed by FOOD Freshly®, the German specialist in Bio preservation for fruits and vegetables. .     As per a recent trade agreement between Italy and Canada, ten table grape exporters in the Italian region of Puglia have been given the green signal to ship their fruit directly to Canada for the first time.
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