Banks’ lending to Punjab’s agriculture sector totaled Rs293.3bn and Rs339.1bn in FY13 and FY14, against the target of Rs246bn and Rs294.7bn respectively.     In FY13 and FY14, Punjab got 87.2% and 86.6% of total agricultural financing, leaving just 12.8% and 13.4% for the rest of the country respectively.    Overall output of fodder crops fell from 5.66m tons in FY07 to 4.58m tons in FY13; their per-hectare tumbled from 22.6 tons to 21.7 tons and the total area under cultivation contracted from 2.5m hectares to 2.1m hectares.     Farmers and exporters are optimistic that the total quantum, which has already crossed a healthy figure of 300,000 tons, might increase by another 50,000 tons in the remaining two weeks of the season.       The EU's imports have dropped by 34% in volume, from 3,243 to 2,798 tons. The price has also dropped, from 1.70 to 1.30 €/kg, with France as the largest supplier.        Chile sends 70% more cherries to China last year with a total of 79,000 tons. The 80% of fruit imported into China is tropical fruit, with the top 3 being dragon fruit, longan, and bananas, make up 50% of the total.        Banks disbursed Rs288.7 billion in agriculture loans during the first eight months (July-Feb) of 2014-15.        National Foods has recorded an average 21% growth in sales between 2011- 2014.       Total exports of spices that stood at $50m in FY12 went up to $68m in FY13 but fell in FY14 to $56.4m.       Agriculture’s share in national income is in the range of 21-22%, and about 44% of the country’s population depends on farming and livestock for its livelihood.        Pakistan had imported 686,852 tons of wheat from Black Sea region costing $185m at the rate of $269 per ton during July-February 2014-2015 period.
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